The Contact Form 7 Salesforce Integration Add-On is a powerful and flexible plugin that seamlessly connects your Contact Form 7 forms with Salesforce,
One of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.
This add-on enables you to easily capture form submissions from your website and automatically sync them with your Salesforce account,
creating new leads or contacts, and keeping your sales and marketing teams in the loop in real-time.

With the Contact Form 7 Salesforce Integration Add-On, you can effortlessly map form fields to corresponding Salesforce fields,
Ensuring that the data collected from your forms is accurately and automatically transferred to the correct Salesforce fields.
This eliminates the need for manual data entry minimizes the risk of human error, while maintaining data integrity.

The add-on alongside conditional logic of actions add-on also offers advanced features such as conditional mapping,
Allowing you to specify mapping rules based on form field values or other conditions.

The Contact Form 7 Salesforce Integration Add-On also provides robust security features to safeguard your data,
Including SSL encryption for data transmission and API key authentication for secure integration with Salesforce.
The plugin is easy to install and configure, with a user-friendly interface that makes setting up and managing Salesforce integration a breeze,
Even for users with limited technical expertise.

Key Options:

  • Get a list of available objects to update on your CRM.
  • Update default/custom objects.
  • Map your form fields with your CRM fields.
  • Get support for any custom field.
  • Use conditional actions logic extension to define different rules and usage.


Contact Form 7 Salesforce Integration Add-On is a feature-rich and reliable plugin that enhances the functionality of Contact Form 7 and streamlines the process of integrating form submissions with Salesforce. It empowers you to automate lead generation and data capture, improve data accuracy, and boost the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts, making it an essential tool for any business looking to leverage the power of Salesforce CRM.

Want to know more about how to integrate Salesforce in Contact Form 7? Read our docs!


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