Contact Form 7 – Mailchimp Integration add-on, the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp.
This powerful add-on enhances your Contact Form 7 plugin with advanced features that enable you to easily collect and manage email subscribers, streamline your email marketing campaigns, and grow your subscriber list effortlessly.

With the Mailchimp Integration add-on, you can easily configure your Contact Form 7 forms to automatically sync with your Mailchimp account,
Eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate and up-to-date subscriber information.
The add-on provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to map form fields to corresponding Mailchimp fields,
Making it simple to capture and store subscriber data from your contact forms directly into your Mailchimp lists.

In addition to seamless data synchronization, the Mailchimp Integration add-on also provides advanced customization options.

You can also customize the opt-in process to align with your brand’s look and feel,
And even customize the success and error messages to provide a personalized user experience.

The Mailchimp Integration add-on is packed with features that cater to your specific email marketing needs. It ensures data security by utilizing Mailchimp API for secure data transmission and storage.
The add-on is fully compatible with the latest versions of Contact Form 7 and Mailchimp, and is regularly updated to ensure seamless integration.

Key Options Of Contact Form 7 – Mailchimp Integration:

  • Manage each form list.
  • Map your custom Mailchimp fields.
  • Control double Opt-In.
  • Alongside conditional actions logic extension define different set of validation rules.
  • Set any validation rule/s to any of your contact form 7 forms.


Whether you are a small business owner, a marketer, or a web developer, the Mailchimp Integration add-on for Contact Form 7 is the perfect tool to streamline your email marketing efforts. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to an automated, efficient, and reliable solution for integrating Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp. Try the Mailchimp Integration add-on today and unlock the full potential of your Contact Form 7 plugin for email marketing success!

Want to know how easy it is to connect Contact Form 7 to Mailchimp? Read our docs!


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