“Contact Form 7 – Custom Validations,” a powerful add-on for Contact Form 7 that brings custom validations to your form submissions.
With Custom Validations, you can easily define your own custom validation rules and ensure that your form submissions meet your specific requirements with ease.

Setting up custom validations with Custom Validations is simple and user-friendly.
You can define your own validation rules or create custom validation functions in PHP,
Giving you the flexibility to implement complex validation logic tailored to your unique needs.
This add-on also provides a wide range of built-in validation rules, making it easy to set up common validations like required fields, minimum and maximum length, and numeric inputs with just a few clicks.
You can display error messages inline with the fields, giving your users clear feedback on how to correct their submissions.

Custom Validations is fully compatible with Contact Form 7, and seamlessly integrates into your existing form setup.
It is also highly customizable and can be easily extended to meet your unique requirements.

Key Options of Contact Form 7 – Custom Validations:

  • Set custom validation rules for each of your form fields and define the validation rule to match your needs.
  • Set custom error messages for individual field.
  • Alongside conditional actions logic extension define different set of validation rules by the user submitted data.
  • Set any validation rule/s to any of your contact form 7 forms.
  • Ignore the default contact form 7 error message by the field type.


Custom Validations is a comprehensive and user-friendly add-on for Contact Form 7 that empowers you to implement custom validations for your form submissions with ease. Say goodbye to generic form validations and take control of your form data with FormValidate. Try it now and experience the power of custom validations in your Contact Form 7 forms.

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