Contact Form 7 – “Conditional Logic of Actions” add-on is a powerful and flexible plugin
That allows you to create conditional logic rules for actions to be taken based on user input in the form.

With this add-on, you can set up dynamic actions based on user input, triggered by specific conditions.
This allows for highly customized and interactive contact forms
You can set up conditional actions based on various criteria, such as form fields, user selections, or input values.

The add-on provides an intuitive interface that allows you to define rules and actions using a visual builder,
Making it easy to set up complex conditional logic without any coding skills.
With this add-on you can creat rules with multiple conditions and specify multiple actions to be taken when the conditions are met.

The “Conditional Logic of Actions” add-on also includes advanced features such as support for multiple forms on a single page,
The option to use logical operators like AND, OR to create complex conditional logic.

Use cases examples of Contact Form 7 – “Conditional Logic of Actions”:

  • Redirect to different thank you pages with the basic redirect action.
  • Sell different products with the PayPal extension.
  • Manage your conversion pixels by user selections (use the free fire script action).
  • Show the user different popups and thank you messages with the popup extension.
  • Send emails to different email recipients (use the free send email action).


The Contact Form 7 Add-On “Conditional Logic of Actions” is a powerful and flexible tool that extends the functionality of Contact Form 7,

With this add-on, you can create contact forms that are more dynamic and responsive. These forms can include conditional logic, which means that the actions taken can depend on the input provided by the user. This allows you to customize the behavior of the form based on the information submitted, making it more interactive and tailored to your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order to disable the default Contact Form 7 Emails add:

    skip_mail: on

    On the additional settings field as  described here.